Tips And Tricks For Teaching Your Child Good Dental Hygiene

family dentistsOne of the best ways to ensure your child has a healthy smile ahead of them is to start them off with dental care early on. Nearly 18.6% of children between the ages of five and 19 have untreated cavities, but good dental hygiene is about so much more than simply avoiding cavities and making sure the tooth fairy comes! Pediatric dental care through family dentists can help prevent these cavities from forming and causing greater tooth decay, but it’s up to parents to install good habits in their kids.

Consider the following preventative tips to help your child establish a good dental routine for a beautiful and healthy smile in the future.

    1. Plan a visit to a family dentist. A child should see family dentists by their first birthday at the very latest. Your child’s primary teeth (the non-permanent teeth) will begin to grow by the age of six months. Early visits allow your family dentists to identify any issues with your child’s teeth or gums before they can become a problem.


    1. Help your child brush their teeth. It may be a good idea to observe and help your child brush their teeth even after your child has grown to the age where they’re capable of using a toothbrush on their own. This is because children often are unable to accurately brush their teeth up until the age of 6. Let your child watch you brush your own teeth so they know how to move the brush and for how long.


    1. Reduce the amount of juice your child drinks. Children love juice, but juice often contains a lot more sugar than you think. These sugars can set on your child’s teeth and provide food for bacteria, leading to tooth decay. Try to reduce the amount of juice your child drinks throughout the day. And, if they settle down for a nap with a bottle or sippy cup, ensure that the bottle only contains water to prevent the sugar from sitting on their teeth for long periods of time.


  1. Limit the pacifier. Pacifiers are great for little kids up until the age of two or three. This is because pacifiers when used long-term can cause problems with the shape of the mouth. They can also affect how your child’s teeth begin to line up once they grow in.

Jason Dittberner is a family dentist in Flagstaff who can help your child establish good dental practices from an early age. With state of the art techniques and care, your family will feel right at home in our Arizona offices. You can feel confident knowing your family’s smiles are being cared for by a leader in the Arizona dental community. For more information on Jason Dittberner and Flagstaff dental services, contact us today to sign up for specials and health tips.

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