Teeth Whitening 101: What You Need To Know

Up to 74% of American adults say they believe an unattractive smile can hurt their career chances. That’s why teeth whitening is a great way to improve your smile and boost your confidence.

However, before you choose to have your teeth whitened by a general dentist in Flagstaff, it’s important to know a few things about teeth whitening prior to your dentist appointment. Consider the following tips to prepare your smile for your teeth whitening procedure.

You need to begin with healthy teeth

It’s essential you have healthy teeth prior to asking your general dentist about teeth whitening. This is because teeth whitening can cause further dental problems if you have cavities, gum disease, gum recession, or other untreated problems.

What’s more, teeth whitening won’t work on severely damaged teeth (although dental veneers often will). Therefore, even if you were to go ahead with the procedure, it wouldn’t have the intended effect.

Your teeth will be sensitive after the procedure

Once your teeth have been deemed healthy enough to receive teeth whitening, you need to prepare yourself for the sensitivity that’ll come afterward. The whitening gel can make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures up to 24 hours after the procedure.

To relieve this sensitivity, it’s recommended you stay away from foods that are very hot or cold until the next day. If the sensitivity is too painful, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Teeth whitening lasts for up to two years

Teeth are naturally an off-white color and begin to yellow over time due to drinks, foods, and aging. Therefore, it’s important to note the whitening gel placed on your teeth won’t last forever.

Teeth whitening provided by a cosmetic dentist will typically last anywhere from six months to two years; however, over-the-counter remedies may wear off much more quickly. How long it lasts can depend on your dental health, diet, and age.

Whitening results will vary

Those who have taken better care of their teeth over time and have visited their general dentist regularly will have better teeth whitening results. This is because your teeth will only become sowhite during the procedure. The less discoloration and tooth damage you have, the more likely the teeth whitening will stay and brighten your smile.

It’s important to know the basics of teeth whitening prior to a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Fortunately, Flagstaff family dentist Jason Dittberner can answer the teeth whitening questions you have before, during, and after your procedure.

As the former president of the Northern Arizona Dental Association and with hundreds of hours studying dental health, you can rest assured that your smile is safe with Dr. Dittberner. For more information on teeth whitening or family dentistry, make an appointment with Dr. Dittberner today.

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