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Dental Bridges And What You Need To Know.flagstaff az dental bridges

Dental bridges are an affordable, long-lasting way to replace a missing tooth. Using two custom-built crowns that attach to the adjacent teeth, dental bridges literally create a “bridge”, across the missing tooth.

A high-quality false tooth crafted from ceramic or composites is then attached to this “bridge”, restoring your natural bite and replacing the missing tooth.

If you need a dentist in Flagstaff to create a dental bridge, contact Dr. Jason Dittberner, DDS, PC today at 928-773-7900 to schedule an appointment, or keep reading to learn more about dental bridges!


How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

With proper care, a dental bridge will last you 10-15 years or longer. However, you will have to make sure that you follow a proper oral hygiene regimen to keep your dental bridge in good condition.

Make sure that you brush and floss regularly, and visit Dr. Dittberner every 6 months for an oral exam and teeth cleaning.

You should also avoid consuming too much sugar, and you should avoid chewing hard objects (such as ice or hard candy) or excessively-sticky objects (such as gummy candy or taffy) as these foods can cause your dental bridge to fail prematurely.


Are Dental Bridges Safe?

Absolutely. Dental bridges are totally non-invasive, and are usually placed only under a local anesthetic and numbing agent. Dental bridges have been used for decades, and are one of the most safe, reliable, and affordable methods of replacing a missing tooth.

If you have any concerns about safety, just consult with Dr. Dittberner during your appointment. He’d be happy to clear up any questions that you may have about the process!


Can Dental Bridges Be Replaced?

Yes! Dental bridges can be replaced with a new dental bridge. Unfortunately, dental bridges don’t last forever. Though you can easily get 15 years out of a dental bridge with proper care, it will probably require replacement eventually.

If you’re not sure whether or not your dental bridge needs to be replaced, contact Dr. Jason Dittberner right away. Dr. Dittberner can assess your oral health and the state of your dental bridge, and provide the appropriate recommendation.


Benefits Of Dental Bridges

 Dental bridges have a variety of benefits. Here are just a few of them;

  • Affordable – Dental bridges are a very cost-effective option for replacing a missing tooth. They are much more affordable than a dental implant. In addition, dental insurance companies usually are willing to cover most of the cost of a dental bridge. In contrast, dental implants are usually not covered by dental insurance.
  • Faster treatment times – A dental bridge can usually be placed in less than a month. In comparison, dental implants usually require at least 6 months of recovery time before the procedure is complete.
  • Does not require invasive surgery – While some enamel must be removed from the teeth that will be crowned, dental bridges are a minimally-invasive procedure. You will experience very little pain or discomfort.

Want to learn more about the benefits of dental bridges? Come in for an appointment at the office of Jason Dittberner, DDS, PC today!


Come To Dr. Jason Dittberner For Dental Bridges In Flagstaff!


If you need a Flagstaff dentist with years of experience placing dental bridges and restoring missing teeth, Dr. Dittberner is a wonderful choice. At our friendly, patient-focused facility, we make you feel right at home.

When you consult with Dr. Dittberner, he’ll discuss all of the treatment options available for your missing teeth, and help you decide what’s best for your needs, budget, and comfort.

So don’t wait, and don’t let a missing tooth affect your life. Schedule an appointment by phone at (928) 773-7900, or come to our office in Flagstaff at 750 N Kendrick St Suite 200, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

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